Analysis Laboratory

The laboratory is entrusted with analyses, consulting, studies and applied research, particularlyas regards environmental problems.


Gesteco has worked for a long time on this quality concept to develop services relyingon:

  • a team of highly qualified professionals, with years of experience in the field of theenvironment;
  • exhaustive expertise, constantly updated and strictness of the operationalanalytical methodology.


These laboratories have the following qualifications:

  • Registration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (National Research RegistryRegistration Code n. 53792ZKE);
  • Certification ACCREDIA n. 0583..

To view the list of our accredited tests and the related analytical methods used please visit the website of ACCREDIA.

Gesteco Laboratories are able to satisfy the analytical methodologies required or recommended by national, regional laws or by national and/or international bodies such as CNR-IRSA, UNI, Unichim, Niosh, ASTM, ISO, EPA and APHA

Main equipment: Gas-chromatographs with mass spectrometry (GC/MS) detectors; Gas-chromatograph with mass spectrometry detector combined with Purge&Trap (P&T GC/MS); Gas-chromatographs with flame ionization detectors (GC/FID); Metal analyser by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP/MS); Ion chromatograph (IC); Total Carbon Analyzer (TOC); Spectrophotometers (UV-vis); Atomic absorption by flame (AAS); Atomic absorption with hydride system (FIAS); Equipment for sampling of emissions, working environments, soils, water and waste.


Analytic Research

More specifically, laboratories can perform analytic research on more than250 different parameters, offering services in the following main fields:

  • primary waters, sources, wells, water tables, water ducts and processwaters;
  • surface river and lake waters;
  • sewage waters coming from civil and industrial facilities;
  • water intended for human consumption;
  • solid waste deriving from industrial processes;
  • solid waste deriving from civil and industrial treatments;
  • liquid waste;
  • excavated earth and rocks intended for re-use;
  • reclamation soils.
  • sampling and analysis of atmospheric emissions (conveying chimneys from industrial and handicraft plants such as painting booths, MDF panels production, brick baking ovens, heating plants) in order to characterise the present pollutants to obtain authorisations from the competent Bodies and to verify legislative compliance as required by current legislation.

Laboratory Forms

Download and view the documentation and updated forms of our laboratory.