Gesteco provides environmental consulting services thanks to a complete team of expert and competent professionals.

Our aim is to guide the client in the management of environmental issues from a technical, administrative and regulatory point of view.


Environmental Due Diligence

EDD consists in an investigation process supporting operations such as procurement, concessions for the use of industrial areas or companies incorporations. This means analyzing and checking the salubriousness of a given site in its environmental context, paying a particular attention to possible negative environmental aspects.

Environmental Due Diligence is to examine the history of activities carried out on a site andensure an accurate collection and analysis of data, in order to check if there are risk conditionsor critical aspects due to present or past environmental impacts in this given site.

Gesteco actions follow a protocol consisting of various interconnected steps:

  • environmental audit on site, until all the necessary data have been collected;
  • analysis of environmental aspects to be considered - climatic, geological and hydrogeological;
  • collection of authorization documents and control of compliance;
  • general analysis of compliance with environmental standards;
  • determination of environmental critical aspects;
  • final report to the client, also evaluating costs due to possible critical aspects.