Gesteco ensures the demolition of civil and industrial buildings, with the help of more and more precise controlled techniques having a low environmental impact, and means having the adequate capacity, equipped with specific devices.


In order to keep environmental impacts to minimum, dust dispersion in the air is limited using dust abatement equipments. On the other hand, our trained technicians monitor noises constantly.


Gesteco's Technical Office deals with the drafting of demolition plans pursuant to D.Lgs. 81/2008 e s.m.i and, after having assessed the operational phases of demolition, prepares the detailed work.

    More specifically, the company ensures DEMOLITIONS of:

  • civil and industrial buildings;
  • road sections and works;
  • underground platforms and foundations;
  • stacks, silos, reservoirs and piezometric towers;
  • metal structures:
  • special elements:
  • anything requiring the use of explosives.

When the demolition operations are completed, we use regularly authorized mobile plants to carry out recovery operations on site.