Environmental Investigation

Gesteco carries out preliminary environmental investigations in order to verify the possible presence and concentration of pollutants in the environmental matrices of potentially contaminated sites.


Specifically, our experts take care of:

  • collect and analyse existing and available data on the geomorphological and environmental characteristics of a site; 
  • define the geological and hydrogeological context of the site;
  • collect and evaluate information concerning the activities carried out on the site and the related production cycles; 
  • identify the pollutants related to the activities carried out on the site and their expected location within it;
  • identify potential pollution targets;
  • identify migration paths of pollutants.

All the activities are carried out with the editing of the characterization plan of the preliminary project and, subsequently, of the final remediation project.

Investigation in work environments

Investigations in work environments permit verification of their salubrity.

The activity usually considers two steps: 

  • collection and sampling first;
  • followed byactual analysis.

Our Laboratories represent the fundamental support for a complete and highly specialized service.


Emissions survey in the atmosphere

The laboratories’ staff activities cover a wide range of services for the control of emissions in the atmosphere and air quality.

The main ones are the following:

  • sampling and emissions analyses in industrial premises and handicraft facilities, from static sources, for the verification of compliance with emission limits;
  • self-control analyses for the verification of industrial processes;
  • verification of functionality and efficiency of systems abating pollutants in emissions;
  • environmental monitoring in temporary or permanent sites for the verification of the environment qualitative state (campaigns to measure conditions before starting works, during works executionand afterwards) and for an evaluation of pollutants’ possible fallo-uts.

Noise Pollution

Gesteco evaluates noise impacts using forecast models. These studies become efficient tools to determine unforeseen negative aspects, introduce adequate corrections and reach final design solutions. Activities are carried out with competent technicians specialized in environmental acoustics according to Law 447/95, and provide for the elaboration of acoustic impact forecasts, acoustic climate assessments, municipal acoustic zoning, and acoustic simulations in industrial environments.