Sustainability services

Gesteco's proposal 

Gesteco believes in the principles of the Circular Economy and applies them at all levels: from the activities carried out on a daily basis to its own achievements, and even involving services that affect partner companies and the entire territory. For this reason, in 2020, the Beeability® project was born.


As the name suggests, which is formed from the union of several words of English origin, with this project the aim was to create a group of people who take the inspiration from the hard work of the bee, putting their skills at the service of businesses (ability). This was done to enable them to adjust their environmental impacts by making them more sustainable (to "bee" sustain-ability).


The team

The Beeability® team boasts resources with degrees in a variety of disciplines, whose range of skills allows them to work closely with all businesses.

By playing the important role of collecting and redirecting information, Beeability® facilitates the understanding of phenomena and cooperation among people and is thus an incubator of sustainability-oriented ideas and projects.

However, Beeability® is not just a group of people: it is the manifestation of a real way of being, which has enabled Gesteco to operate with care and regard for the environment for thirty years.

The services

With the creation of Beeability®, Gesteco has specialized in a range of services related to the environmental world, with a focus on circularity. In the complex world of sustainability, the team aims to support companies with the ambition to guide them toward green transformation and decarbonization

In addition, it offers support for product lifecycle assessments (LCA) for the purpose of calculating the carbon footprint of corporate services or products. The Beeability® team is also involved in advising on environmental management services and accompanying companies in the drafting of sustainability projects, a perfect example of the application of the circular economy to the industrial field aimed at managing and reducing corporate emissions and waste.  

Into detail

  • CONSULTING: We engage in consulting, certification, and auditing in the fields of major environmental and occupational health and safety issues.
  • TRAINING AND COACHING: We carry out activities related to training and coaching connected to ESG issues, climate change and in relation to sustainability performance monitoring and reporting activities.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING: We analyze and report on the environmental and social impacts of companies, monitoring their main parameters and identifying critical issues on which to intervene.
  • ESG SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT: We apply the scientific method to monitor companies' impacts to provide a preliminary assessment of their environmental and social sustainability position according to relevant international standards (e.g., ISO 26000).
  • LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS (LCA): We calculate the analysis of the environmental impact of products or services, starting from raw material extraction to end of life, according to the requirements of ISO 14040 and 14044.
  • CARBON FOOTPRINT: We can obtain the carbon footprint of a product or organization by calculating the greenhouse gas impact, according to the requirements of ISO 14067 or PAS 2050.
  • WATER FOOTPRINT: By calculating the environmental impact on the water resource, we can obtain the water footprint of a product or organization according to the requirements of ISO 14046.
  • SUSTAINABILITY COMMUNICATION: We support companies in the process of communicating their environmental, social and economic sustainability measures.