Environment has no borders - Gesteco flies to Ireland


Environment has no borders

Gesteco flies to Ireland

In the context of relations with the environment, Gesteco Spa offers a complete range of services to help public and private organizations to characterize, assess, quantify and manage their position in the 'environment.

Believing in a strategic environmental sustainability is the engine that drives Gesteco, and it is for this reason that Gesteco works with customers in all sectors - to ensure long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability through the early integration of sustainability considerations into development of plans and projects. 

A stability that rests on three motivational pillars: responsibility, sustainability and vision. Thus Gesteco translates experience and professionalism into a range of services to support the identification and implementation of 360 ° green solutions.

"The consultancy aspect leads us to collaborate with companies and organizations at all stages of their development, from initial environmental verification to regulatory implementation. We provide clear advice based on actions that improve the environmental performance of our client companies" -  says Operating Director of Gesteco Ambiente, Cristina Luci - returning from Dublin. "Our team includes diversified professional figures, for this reason the Gesteco services also differ abroad: from the risk assessment for health and safety to the environmental due diligence - activity that involves all modes of transactions including disposals, mergers and acquisitions. Our goal is to guide the customer in the management of environmental issues from a technical, administrative and strategic point of view, in order to contain risks ".

And now, towards new goals!