Convention: "Sicuramente In... Casa, Strada, Lavoro"


We celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work at the FVG Region Building in Udine.

"Sicuramente In... Casa, Strada, Lavoro"

"It seems to us that sensitivity on the subject of safety is still lukewarm, despite the harsh reality of traumatic injuries, often fatal, which occur at any time, from home to street, from work to hobby time. The time has come to abandon the torpor that drives our behavior and animate a new and conscious passion for our lives and for those around us ”: this is what declared Adriano Luci, president of Gruppo Luci, during the opening of the conference "SICURAMENTE IN... CASA, STRADA LAVORO",  organized by Gesteco spa of Povoletto in the Comelli Auditorium of the FVG Region Building in Udine.