Covid-19 emergency. We sanitize your work environments.


The moment we are going through is certainly difficult and there are many initiatives to contain the risks caused by the Covid-19 health emergency.

With this purpose, we offer a disinfection and sanitization service designed specifically for work environments.


Our intervention protocol  

The treatment consists of a series of operations aimed at contrasting bacteria and viruses, through the use of specific products delivered into the environment through atomization / spraying / nebulization systems, which are distributed evenly on the surfaces with a wrapping effect, avoiding accumulation phenomena.

  • THE TEAM: our team of specialists operates in total safety, taking all necessary precautions and wearing Personal Protective Equipment.
  • OUR PRODUCTS: Bactericides certified as PMC (Medical Surgical Unit) by the Ministry of Health. Our products allow fighting numerous pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

Cura Italia Decree - Sanitation tax credit

For business, art or profession, a tax credit of 50 percent of the costs of sanitizing environments and work tools is recognized for the tax period 2020 up to a maximum of 20,000.

Ensuring a healthy environment is essential to protect people's health, in times of great emergency but also in normal conditions.

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