Gesteco is specialized in Environmental Due Diligence

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Gesteco is specialized in

Environmental Due Diligence

Investigations of this kind help to precisely identify the risks and costs associated with current and previous environmental activities in a specific location. It is therefore an essential tool in providing supporting information for deals such as acquisitions, leases on the use of industrial areas, or company mergers.

When should EDD be carried out?

EDD can be used prior to undertaking projects, expansions, redeveloping old or current industrial sites, and selling or acquiring businesses.

The condition of the environmental matrices (soil, subsoil, and groundwater) should never be underestimated. An estimate of potential non-conformity from an environmental perspective is crucial information given that remediation costs to recover a site may be more than the actual value of the property.

EDD as best practice

Carrying out an evaluation in advance is the only way of avoiding negative repercussions, such as: civil or legal responsibilities, administrative responsibilities as per Legislative Decree, regulations and sanctions, etc. and significant reputational damage. 

Gesteco carries out a two-phase process:

  • it assesses the area’s compliance with current laws and regulation for the protection of the environment;
  • a more through analysis to quantify the extent of the issues and the costs involved in resolving them – essential information to have to hand during contractual negotiations.
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