Our commitment to the territory

Over the years, Gesteco has consolidated a deep and significant bond with the territory, founded on solid roots that have strengthened over time. This connection goes beyond the mere creation of economic value, also embracing the building and nurturing of a strong relationship between the company and the surrounding social context.

In collaboration with the other companies of the Luci Group, Gesteco continues to be constantly committed to promoting initiatives aimed at the growth of the territory and the community fabric, intrinsically interconnected elements.

Support for sports

UEB Basket: a collaboration born out of a strong passion for the territory

Gesteco has been supporting the United Eagles Basketball (UEB) of Cividale team since 2020 as the Main Sponsor.
This partnership stems from the shared value for sports, which promotes unity and team spirit, and aims to be a tangible example of our commitment to supporting young talent within the community.

We have witnessed the team's growth, achieving optimal results, culminating in promotion to A2 in 2022.
We are thrilled to continue this extraordinary adventure together, promoting the positive values that sports can offer to everyone.

Zio Pino Baskin Udine Asd and Volleybas: support for inclusive sports

Since 2019, we have been supporting the inclusive reality of Baskin, a sports activity inspired by basketball, but with particular features that allow both non-disabled and disabled people to play together. The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of diversity, recognizing the value of disability for the community

Gesteco also supports Volleybas, a group of sports clubs that collaborate to make Friulian volleyball competitive at a national level through the training of talented young people, the development of scientific research, and constant support for the right to accessible team sports for all.

Charitable initiatives

Benefit concerts

In 2020, we organized a fundraiser show with the participation of the FreeVoices Choir, a choir formed by about thirty young people from Friuli who carry out an intense concert activity with theme shows in the style of "show-choir", where singing is combined with scenic and choreographic actions. The proceeds were entirely donated to the Progetto Autismo FVG ONLUS.

Following the success of the first event, and always in collaboration with FreeVoices, we presented two more concerts titled "We are the time", in support of the Associazione Nazionale Donne Operate al Seno – ANDOS Udine (2022) and the Associazione Comunità Il Melograno Onlus (2023).

Participation in Telethon and Unesco in Pink

Since 2013, Gesteco, along with the other companies of Gruppo Luci, has been committed to participating with its employees and collaborators in the usual Telethon Relay of Udine, a noble way to support research through sports. It is a voluntary contribution in which companies come together to create a moment of sharing and collaboration.

In 2019, we enthusiastically participated in "UNESCO in Pink", a day focused on prevention for women, the proceeds of which were donated to the Italian League Against Cancer (LILT).

Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work Week - Gruppo Luci Safety Week

On the occasion of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, we organize every year the Safety Week: a series of meetings, courses and moments dedicated to the topics of safety, health, and well-being in the work environment and beyond.

In 2023, for example, we proposed the project "Cardioprotected Company", with the aim of training employees and collaborators in the implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers.

This initiative, which in 2024 will reach its fifth edition, has received several awards as a "Virtuous Action" carried out in the field of health and safety in the workplace, corporate social responsibility, and business welfare.

Participation in the network of companies WHP - Health promotion program in the workplace

Since 2019, we have been adhering to the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion), a project supported by the World Health Organization and endorsed by healthcare companies, which assumes that a company not only implements all measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, but also commits to offering its employees opportunities to improve their health, such as promoting physical activity, encouraging healthy eating, and implementing measures to improve well-being in the workplace.

We have been awarded by the FVG Region and the West Friuli Healthcare Company for having pursued the actions stipulated in the WHP program.

Italy Loves Security

In 2020 we launched the first hub in Friuli-Venezia Giulia of Italia Loves Safety to facilitate useful, effective, and easily shareable communication on the theme of prevention, health, and safety. The FVG Hub stands out for being the territorial reference point for sharing practical, free, and accessible solutions for everyone, resulting from the collaboration of the national network.

Safety grains

Together with CDA and with the patronage of Animaimpresa, we have designed the "Chicchi di Sicurezza" project, short videos lasting the time it takes to make a coffee, which are shown on the touchscreen displays of CDA vending machines located throughout the regional territory and placed in public and private offices. These "pills" suggest some good practices to follow, not only in the work environment, but also at home and in daily activities.

Thanks to this project, we have received the Innovation Award AiFOS 2019, an acknowledgment that confirms the value and effectiveness of the initiative in the promotion of safety.

"OCJO" Project

We have collaborated for several years with INAIL on "OCJO - safety is on stage", a theatrical event aimed at promoting a safety culture in work and living environments, which has been successfully replicated at companies, schools, and public institutions with the story of a great work disability.

The monologue of a respected safety trainer transforms norms into emotions until the grand finale, with the TRIGEMINUS duo and their theatrical show "626, let's laugh about it but think about it".
In total, 173 events were proposed in 10 regions with over 40,000 participants.

Cultural events and manifestations

Mittelfest Festival

From 2021 we have been participating in the different editions of Mittelfest, the Festival of Theatre-Music-Dance-Circus of the countries of Central Europe, as a sponsor and contributing with awareness-raising initiatives aimed at the population regarding sustainability in its three dimensions. 

In 2022 Beeability, our sustainability team, participated with the "Kaffe Beeability" initiative, a series of open meetings for the public and also for high school students. The objective was to reflect on and share topics related to the environment and the role of people in preserving it, through active participation. 

In 2024 Gesteco supports this initiative as the principal sponsor.

The great masterpieces of world art at Casa Cavazzini

Casa Cavazzini, the museum of modern and contemporary art in Udine, has been the stage for a series of exhibitions organized by the San Floriano Committee for the past two years. Since its first edition, it has aroused the interest and regular participation of the public, thanks to the presentation of world-famous masterpieces and especially to the intervention of Don Alessio Geretti, curator of the exhibitions, who manages to interpret and give a visual sense to themes of life and existence.

We firmly believe in the dissemination of culture as a fundamental pillar for the development of the territory and have supported the two editions of the event, named "The form of infinity" (2021-2022) and "Together" (2022-2023).

Nano Valbruna

Since 2018, Gesteco has been supporting the NanoValbruna Green Festival with the aim of promoting debate and dialogue between the business world, the scientific community, and the young generation, to reflect and find synergies not only for the present, but also for the future.

Our sustainability specialists have been involved with various initiatives aimed at the young and the very young. In particular, with the 2020 edition, NanoPiciule, we engaged children in educational and fun activities related to sustainability.

School and education

"Greening Education" project

An essential element for the development of our activities is our contribution to the formation of technical skills in the school context. For several years, we have actively collaborated with the secondary schools in the area.

Starting from 2023, as part of the agreement signed between the Luci Group and the Arturo Malignani Technical Institute (I.S.I.S.), within the framework of the Greening Education project, we aim to promote the development of skills among students at all levels and in the fields involved, from the first to the fifth year, with a particular focus on sustainability, environment, and work safety.

Sustainably in... School

We have always supported and promoted the development of an ethics of responsibility, which materializes in the ability to choose and act consciously.

According to this principle, the Beeability team has intervened in elementary and middle schools in the area to promote greater attention towards the context and the environment in which we live, a cornerstone of citizenship education, closely linked to environmental education.

"Lucio and the Sun Lion - a journey around ecology"

It is an illustrated book that stems from an idea of the Luci brothers: a story intended for children (and also adults), with the objective of raising awareness in a simple and effective way about ecological and environmental protection issues. Throughout 2020, numerous copies were donated to each of the 13 primary schools in the provinces of Udine and Gorizia.