Waste treatment plants

Recovery, treatment, and disposal facilities for special waste

Through our Environmental Division, we design and manage plants for the recovery, treatment, and disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous special waste.

They are facilities dedicated to managing in a safe and compliant manner the waste that presents particular characteristics or risks to human health and the environment. These plants are essential for reducing the environmental impact of waste, promoting recycling, and ensuring that hazardous materials are properly treated.

Gesteco plants

We have the following waste recovery, treatment, and disposal plants in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Veneto.

1. Non-hazardous waste landfill

Cividale del Friuli (UD) - Località Mus
It is authorized by IPPC (European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) for the disposal of non-hazardous special waste considered suitable in accordance with regulations and the adopted management model.

2. Recovery plant for non-hazardous aggregates waste

Pradamano (UD) - Via Laipacco, 4
The recovery plant is authorized under art. 208 (Single Authorization) of Legislative Decree 152/06 to carry out operations of recovery of aggregates waste from third parties or from temporary external construction sites.
The plant adds another important piece to our journey towards circularity. The main objective of this plant is to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills, promoting the recycling and reuse of aggregates materials through the production of aggregates, and contributing to a more sustainable approach in the management of construction and demolition waste.

3. Non-hazardous waste treatment and recovery plant

Monfalcone (GO) - Località z.i. Lisert
The plant is authorized under art. 208 (Single Permit) of Legislative Decree no. 152/06 for the recovery and disposal of non-hazardous waste. The plant is authorized for the treatment of waste with EER code related to dredging materials and for the treatment of non-hazardous waste intended for recovery (R13-R5) including waste resulting from street cleaning, and disposal (D15-D9).
This is a plant where, through "soil washing" operations, namely washing, size separation, mechanical dehydration, and inertization, sands, silt, gravel, and sludges are produced and can be used in various activities.
The recovery activities comply with the requirements dictated by the circular economy, obtaining materials that meet the characteristics defined by sectoral technical regulations, for example, aggregates to be used in civil engineering works and road construction.

4. Treatment plant for non-hazardous liquid waste

Gorizia (GO) - Via del San Michele, 351
It is authorized by IPPC (European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) to treat non-hazardous liquid waste, mainly consisting of landfill leachate and liquid waste from industrial activities, through biological purification and treatment in the physico-chemical section.

5. Storage facility for hazardous and non-hazardous waste

San Michele al Tagliamento (VE) - Via Molinovo, 4
The plant is authorized by IPPC (European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) to store hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
Mainly carries out preliminary deposit and reserving, as well as consolidation and selection on hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
These activities are useful to reduce the impacts of subsequent treatment phases and optimize transport for final disposal; the waste is then directed to other disposal or recovery plants.

Gesteco's waste treatment plants

Monfalcone plant - detail
Monfalcone treatment plant
Non-hazardous waste treatment and recovery facility - Monfalcone
Gorizia liquid waste management plant
Laboratory for the analysis of liquid waste in Gorizia
Non-hazardous liquid transport equipment - Gorizia plant
Logistic headquarters in Pradamano for the recovery of aggregates waste
Pradamano - Treatment and recovery of inert waste
Non-hazardous waste landfill Mus
San Michele (VE) Plant - Hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage

Restoration activity using excavated earth and rocks (not waste)

The ex quarry site Rivalunga located in Medea, in the province of Gorizia, is authorized to carry out environmental restoration interventions using soils and rocks (non-waste) coming from excavation activities.
The soils and rocks sent to this site must be accompanied by documentation required by the sector regulations and by chemical-physical analysis to verify their conformity.

The site has also been authorized in the environmental reorganization project to use sludge material from the recovery activity (End of Waste) of the Gesteco plant in Monfalcone, in compliance with art. 184 quater (Use of dredging materials) of Legislative Decree 152/2006.

The environmental recovery of the site will allow for the remediation of a degraded environment from a disused quarry, aiming to rebuild ecologically consistent formations with the climatic, pedological, and morphological characteristics of the area and the surrounding areas.