Waste management

Waste collection, transportation, and brokerage services

We carry out the collection and transport of municipal waste, non-hazardous and hazardous special waste, also ADR.

We have a suitable and specially equipped fleet for carrying out the service in compliance with the required regulations and standards.

We also carry out brokerage and trading of waste without holding it.

The Environmental Consolidation Act (Legislative Decree 152/06) defines an intermediary as any company that arranges for the recovery or disposal of waste on behalf of others, including intermediaries that do not physically acquire the waste.

Categories of registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers

Gesteco has the following categories of registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers: Category 1 - Class E - Collection and transport of urban waste. Also for the activity of collecting and transporting waste abandoned on maritime and lacustrine beaches and on the banks of watercourses (subcategory D7). Category 4 - Class A - Collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste. Category 5 - Class D - Collection and transport of hazardous special waste. Category 8 - Class C - Intermediation and trade of non-hazardous and/or hazardous waste without detention of the waste itself.


Gesteco is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers of the Regional Section of Friuli Venezia Giulia at the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste under number TS00047.

The Gesteco fleet

The Gesteco fleet includes: 

  • trucks and trailers classified as operating vehicles for the transportation of aggregates non-hazardous waste
  • trucks and roll-off trailers for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste using different types of containers, some equipped with a loading crane, and also approved for ADR transport
  • articulated vehicles with semi-trailers approved with a tank for the transportation of liquid waste.

To make our waste collection and transportation service sustainable, we implement heavy vehicles route monitoring to improve times and routes using geolocated vehicles and a web platform. 

The goal is to achieve an optimized transportation system that respects the environment by reducing waste and containing harmful emissions associated with the use of polluting fuels.