Sustainability services

Specialized consultancy for companies in the field of sustainability.

With the establishment of the Beeability team, we have achieved a distinctive specialization in corporate sustainability services, with particular attention to circularity.

In a global landscape dominated by the complexity of this issue, our team sets itself the ambitious goal of guiding companies towards ecological transition by adopting more ethical and sustainable business models, and promoting decarbonization as a fundamental pillar. 

We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and highly specialized consultancy to help companies achieve their sustainability goals, thus contributing to building a more responsible and collectively oriented corporate future.

Our services

The approach to corporate sustainability has become crucial for companies, requiring a thorough understanding of the complex environmental, social, and economic dynamics. Each member of our team of professionals, thanks to their skills, knowledge, and personal abilities, is able to make a valuable contribution along this intricate path. 

Always updated on the best practices, current regulations, and the latest industry trends, we collaborate with companies to create personalized strategies aimed at achieving sustainability goals. 

In particular, Beeability deals with:

1. Consulting, certification, and auditing

We offer consultancy, support for the certification of the most well-known international standards and auditing to help companies achieve high levels of sustainability and corporate responsibility performance. 

Starting from the initial ESG analysis: 

  • we evaluate the risks and opportunities related to sustainability aspects in business activities; 

  • we design and implement personalized corporate policies, aligned with the specific objectives of the company; 

  • we train and raise awareness among staff about the importance of sustainable practices to ensure correct implementation at all levels of the organization; 

  • we offer support services for various certifications on ESG issues, independently assessing corporate practices according to recognized international standards and carrying out periodic audits to monitor progress over time and ensure compliance with them.

2. Training and coaching

Our customized training and coaching service is specifically designed for companies that want to address the challenges related to ESG issues and climate change.

In particular, we deal with:

  • providing tailored training courses to develop a deep understanding of sustainability issues;

  • promoting awareness and employee engagement through training programs and educational initiatives.

3. Environmental monitoring

We analyze and report on the environmental impacts of companies, monitoring their main parameters and identifying critical issues to intervene.

Our industry professionals have the skills necessary to plan and conduct sampling and survey operations.
We have state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring environmental matrices. Our specialized laboratories are equipped with the appropriate instrumentation to perform a wide range of analyses, ensuring high-quality data on atmospheric emissions, environmental noise, soil and water pollution.

4. Circular economy

We offer ourselves as a strategic partner for companies looking to embrace the circular economy, providing not only consultancy, but also practical tools and solutions to make a positive impact on the planet while improving the sustainability of their own business.
We identify the opportunities to minimize waste, optimize resource usage, and promote responsible material management.

5. Evaluation of sustainability

Through a scientific approach, we conduct a systematic monitoring of the impacts of companies in order to provide a preliminary assessment of their performance in terms of environmental, social, and governance sustainability, following international reference standards such as ISO 26000.
This process aims to create an objective basis for evaluating the degree of corporate responsibility and to provide guidance for continuous improvement in sustainability management, not only to comply with the standards, but also to respond to the growing demands for transparency and reporting in the context of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

6. Life cycle assessment (LCA)

We are able to evaluate, according to the international reference standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, the environmental impacts of a product and/or a service throughout its life cycle.
All the inputs and outputs of materials and energy of the processes contributing to the life cycle are analyzed in order to quantify the environmental consequences.

This study can help companies identify and quantify their environmental impact, improve operational efficiency, comply with regulations, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, leading to significant economic, competitive, and reputational advantages

The life cycle analysis also supports obtaining environmental labels or product self-declarations, such as Ecolabel, EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), Made Green in Italy, PEF (Product Environmental Footprint). 

7. Product carbon footprint

Our "carbon footprint" measurement service, according to the requirements of ISO 14067, is a valuable tool for companies that want to assess and reduce the environmental impact of their products and/or services. By thoroughly analyzing the entire product or service lifecycle, we are able, thanks to the use of professional software, to calculate the associated greenhouse gas emissions.
This information allows companies to identify critical points and improvement opportunities to take targeted actions for emission reduction and promote sustainability. Our service provides a key framework to demonstrate the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and respond to the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

8. Organization's carbon footprint

Evaluating an organization's carbon footprint is a fundamental process for understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of its activities.

We conduct an in-depth analysis to measure the extent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced by the organization over the course of a year of operation. This investigation covers not only direct emissions, but also indirect and other emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of business operations.

The data obtained from this analysis constitutes the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, which is compiled in accordance with the ISO 14064 international standard. This GHG inventory represents a comprehensive framework of the organization's CO2 emissions and plays a crucial role in monitoring, communicating, and managing corporate sustainability.

The ultimate goal is to identify improvement opportunities, implement actions to reduce CO2 emissions, and demonstrate the organization's commitment to reducing climate impact, thus contributing to sustainable and responsible growth.

9. Communication of sustainability

We support companies that want to share with stakeholders their commitment to a more sustainable future.
We are committed to helping organizations translate their complex data into narratives accessible to all and to highlight the unique nature of the company's strategy in promoting sustainability.

Our headquarters Beeability

Skills in the field of sustainability

Our team is composed of several professionals with multidisciplinary training and experience in the field of sustainability

The plurality of skills and knowledge makes it possible to comprehensively address the three fundamental aspects of sustainability: environmental, social and governance

  • Environment: professionals with environmental expertise focus on the responsible management of natural resources, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, waste management, and ecosystem preservation. This perspective focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the company's activities. 
  • Social: social experts deal with aspects related to people and communities. This includes promoting safe and healthy workplaces, corporate social responsibility (CSR), inclusion, diversity, and the positive impact of the company on the surrounding community. 
  • Governance: governance concerns management, transparency, business ethics, and compliance with regulations. Governance experts work to ensure that the company is managed in an ethical and responsible manner, with good leadership and correct decision-making processes. 

 This approach is distinctive because sustainability-related issues often involve multiple dimensions and require holistic solutions.

Our sustainability consulting team is composed of:

  • energy-environmental engineers 
  • environmental engineers 
  • doctors in environmental sciences (environmental and nature sciences, agricultural sciences and technologies, geological sciences and technologies) 
  • a doctor in work psychology and psychotherapist 
  • professionals experienced in environmental management systems, safety, and sustainability 
  • professionals experienced in workplace safety and health, one of whom has the role of external RSPP for client companies. 

 We also work with external professionals with whom, based on specific issues, we have been collaborating for many years to obtain targeted consulting and specialized expertise.