Pre-packed Materials ùniko

Our line of ùniko pre-packed materials

We have created the ùniko line for the sale of mortars, aggregates, and DIY products for various uses in construction work. 
Ùniko is a complete range of products capable of meeting all needs, from the professional to the DIY enthusiast.

For our ùniko bags, we have chosen the NextBag™ technology, the project of the company Selene for the production of next-generation flexible packaging using recycled plastics of high quality.

The ùniko lines

Linea Malte 
Thanks to their technical characteristics, ùniko mortars offer high constructive performance, have minimal shrinkage, and contribute to the creation of dehumidified environments, therefore healthier and more comfortable. All added elements are non-toxic and classified as non-irritating, to safeguard the health of those who use them. 

Linea Inerti 
From a careful selection, washing, and crushing of inert material derived from quarries, excavations, and watercourse restoration, Gesteco has created a line of aggregates in 25 kg bags. 

Linea Brico 
A series of products already tested in the professional world, redesigned for "do it yourself": easy to use, allowing excellent results. 

Linea Asfalti 
ùniko offers a flexible product ideal for repairing various critical road situations. This type of asphalt is properly additive to allow greater plasticity and cold laying. 

All information and technical data sheets can be found on the website


The aggregate production at the Pradamano (UD) site is accredited under the system 2+ with the certificate of Factory Production Control Conformity (Certificate of Factory Production Control) – Certificate no. 1381-CPR-056, in accordance with Regulation 305/2011/EU, for the production of aggregates according to the following standards:

  • EN 12620:2002 – Aggregates for concrete;
  • EN 13242:2002 – Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering works and road construction;
  • EN 13043:2002 – Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads.

Certificate of conformity

Within the 2+ system, we obtained the certificate of Factory Production Control ComplianceCertificate no. 1381-CPR-056.

Our production plant

For the packaging of our ùniko bags, we have chosen the NextBag™ technology, the innovative project of the company Selene which involves the production of next-generation flexible packaging through the use of high-quality recycled plastics.

The NextBag™ bags, which are used for the majority of ùniko products, contain 50% PRP (Premium Recycled Polymer), which will soon become 80%.