Design and construction of prefabricated structures

We offer technically competitive solutions for both small and large multiplex buildings, also "turnkey", from the project to the installation.

Our constructions can accommodate various types of activities, from artisanal, industrial, commercial, to more specific ones related to logistics and data centers. When designing a new space, we strive to interpret each individual customer's need, offering tailored interventions.

The Prefabricated Division of Gesteco, thanks to its many years of experience in the sector, is able to create customized solutions, interacting with the client to find materials and technologies that can meet all needs.

In the "turnkey" projects we are asked to carry out, we are able to take care of all operational phases: excavations and foundations, supply and installation of the prefabricated building, and related finishes. Our experience and flexibility allow us to interact effectively with design studios, guaranteeing specific timelines and standardized processes.


We have the SOA Certification for the execution of public works and the Product Certification issued by SGS Italia for factory production control compliance.

The prefabricated elements that we produce

Thanks to the production of prefabricated elements inside our plant in Magnano in Riviera, where state-of-the-art workstations are present, we are able to guarantee a work process that allows us to achieve a high-level quality standard with certainty in timing.

Specifically, we produce:

1. Pillars

The pillars can be square/rectangular in section and have their top prepared for the housing/support of the beams and can reach significant heights. It is possible to supply the pillars with suitable shelves to support a possible overhead crane or intermediate floor.

Upon request, the rainwater drainage system is incorporated for the disposal of rainwater, sized according to the relevant covered surface.

2. Double slope

The double-pitched beam represents the most traditional solution for covering industrial, artisanal, agricultural buildings, and for all structures required by regulations to have a double-pitched roof. The formwork available to us allows us to achieve spans of up to 27.00 m with a 10% slope and a variable spacing to be evaluated during the calculation.

The roof is completed by the secondary structure made up of TT tiles that direct the water from the slopes into the pillars. The roofing system can be finished with either a continuous layer (vapor barriers, insulation, and membranes) or a discontinuous one (flat steel or aluminum sheets with underlying insulation). Various types of photovoltaic systems can be installed on it.

The possibility of placing the TT tiles at a distance from each other, as well as lightening the roof, allows the creation of continuous skylights for zenithal lighting of the building. Its shape, together with the position of the secondary elements placed on the extrados, ensures the maximum covered volume and the optimization of spaces for the positioning of shelving.

Another fundamental characteristic of this construction solution is the high fire resistance of the structure.

3. Winged roof tiles

Ridge wing coverages have a profile that recalls a 'V' and are used for high performance roofing, allowing to reach over 30.00 ml.

The extrados of the 'V' tile allows the collection and disposal of rainwater, while the intrados facilitates the installation of various technological systems.

The tiles are placed spaced apart and connected with light insulation elements, where skylights can be created to create a natural, one-way, or zenithal lighting. The construction system guarantees the possibility of installing any kind of solar panel systems.

What are the advantages?

  • finishing degree inside a building of particular value;
  • use for large lights;
  • high fire resistance;
  • excellent internal space lighting.

4. Tiles TT

Covering and Decking

The TT roof tiles are constant section C.A.P. elements, characterized by a slab with a thickness of 5 cm and a width of 250 cm. The particular versatility of these elements allows to respect the designed structural grid. With heights ranging from 30 to 90 cm, they reach remarkable spans with excellent fire resistance.

For the realization of flat roofs, the tiles are placed side by side and covered with a waterproofing layer after laying an insulating layer. Illumination can be achieved by spacing the tiles or creating skylights between the ribs.

Furthermore, for the realization of flat decks, they are one of the elements that stand out for the high load capacity they can satisfy.

What are the advantages?
  • quickness in the assembly phase;
  • good versatility for positioning of technological and photovoltaic plants;
  • contained costs;
  • complete walkability of the structure;
  • possibility to use any type of roofing material. 

5. Infrastructures

Gesteco Prefabricated Division designs and realizes multi-storey car parks for shopping centers, universities, office centers, and other facilities that require large spaces for cars.

The Giardin Grande Park in Piazza Primo Maggio (Udine) was ranked first in the New Structured Parking category during the EPA Awards 2017 (European Parking Awards) held in Rotterdam.

The Technical Office of the Division is increasingly involved in researching design and product solutions in the early stages of the project, leveraging the longstanding relationships with innovative and specialized companies in the sector.

We already support the project designer in the preventive phase, proposing innovative solutions and technologies to meet specific technical needs that often go beyond the construction standard. This is thanks to the high specialization of our technical office staff, who are constantly updated on current regulations and new products.

Some of our achievements

Demetra Benefit Company

From the search for new markets and constructive solutions in 2021, in collaboration with two Friulian companies, Demetra Società Benefit was born. The company focuses on creating residential real estate projects with the aim of regenerating territories, redeveloping disused sites, and adding value to local areas and the community.

The collaboration with Demetra Società Benefit is leading to the development of new prefabricated productive technologies that will allow, in the civil residential construction sector, to be more sustainable in terms of timing, energy saving, land consumption, and working conditions for the workforce at construction sites, starting from the design phases.

We are committed to making our design a integrated design over time.

We pay attention to sustainability, not only in the operating phase:

  • in the procurement of materials and components,
  • in the search for new construction techniques,
  • in the necessary maintenance activities during the useful life of the building,
  • in the disposal and management phase of materials and components.

For the construction of prefabricated buildings, we also use aggregates from our site in Pradamano, always with a circular economy perspective.

Alex Luci
Operational Director, Prefabricated Division