Safety consultancy

Risk management: consulting services for safety and health at work

Safety and health at work are crucial elements of every work environment, aspects that go beyond compliance with regulations and translate into concrete commitments. However, ensuring a safe work environment and promoting correct actions and behaviors is a complex and continuously evolving challenge.

This is where occupational safety consultancy comes into play, a discipline that plays an essential role in minimizing risks in companies of all sizes and sectors. It is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary process that involves various factors:

  • risk analysis;
  • development of specific company policies;
  • training;
  • monitoring and continuous improvement.

Occupational safety consultancy contributes to creating safe work environments, compliance with regulations, reducing costs associated with workplace accidents, and promoting a safety culture that is continuously growing.

Gesteco boasts a team of experienced professionals, equipped with specialized knowledge, which is put at the service of companies to protect workers and improve company productivity.

The experience gained over time with clients operating in various industrial sectors has led us to consolidate technical capabilities, enabling us to carry out risk assessment activities ranging from the chemical to the mechanical industry, from the food industry to the clinical sector, and more.

Consultancy services on safety

Gesteco provides consultancy services related to the obligations of D. Lgs. 81/08, dealing with:

  • Identification of hazards
  • Technical consultancy and drafting of related documentation
  • Management consulting
  • ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems
  • Organizational Models 231 and Surveillance Bodies (SB)
  • ATEX Assessments
  • Safety audits
  • Machinery Directive Consulting
  • PED Directive Consulting, commissioning of pressure equipment
  • Safety on construction sites
  • Asbestos and industrial hygiene
  • Assessment of specific risks (noise, vibrations, ROA, CEM, etc.)
  • Legislative consultancy and HSE compliance audit
  • Audit on suppliers in the field of occupational safety

Safety at work assignments

We are able to take on the following external assignments:

  • RSPP
  • Health and Safety Coordinator during the Design Phase
  • Health and Safety Coordinator during the Execution Phase
  • Works Manager

The benefits of the consultancy service in managing workplace safety

Respect for local and national regulations
Italy has strict laws and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace. Occupational safety consultancy helps companies understand and comply with these regulations, avoiding sanctions and fines.

Reducing accidents and occupational diseases
Consultancy helps identify workplace risks and develop prevention plans. This reduces the number of accidents, incidents, and occupational diseases, protecting workers' health.

Cost minimization
Workplace accidents can result in high costs, including those related to compensation, medical care, absences, and loss of productivity. Occupational safety consultancy helps reduce these costs through improved risk prevention and management.

Training and awareness
Consultancy often includes training programs for employees, improving their awareness of safety and their ability to prevent incidents.

Operational efficiency
Identifying and mitigating risks can improve operational efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Emergency management
Occupational safety consultancy helps develop emergency plans and procedures to address critical situations or incidents, ensuring a quick and effective response.

Corporate reputation
A strong commitment to workplace safety can enhance the company's reputation, making it more attractive to employees, customers, and investors.

Companies that demonstrate a commitment to safety can have a competitive advantage in the market, attracting business partners and customers who positively value the safety of business operations.

Respect for the value of workers
Investing in workplace safety demonstrates respect for the well-being and health of employees, creating a more satisfying and sustainable work environment.

Our consulting services for workplace safety

ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems
Noise measurement in the work environment
Construction site safety management
Whole-body mechanical vibration measurement - positioning
Whole body vibration measurement - with operator
Contemporary detection of noise and mechanical vibrations hand-arm system
Management consulting on safety at work