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New Gesteco logistics headquarters

Pradamano, UD

Gesteco logistics headquarters in a circular perspective

Gesteco's new logistics headquarters in Pradamano has been completed.

This building is a perfect example of Circular Economy: the product is no longer designed looking at the present, but following the principle "from the cradle to the grave".

The materials used for its construction are totally recyclable and reusable as soon as the building will end its life cycle.

The inert materials used come directly from Gesteco's Inerts Division, which deals with the extraction, processing and sale of inert materials from quarries, excavations and river restoration.

It is also possible to dismantle the building without any particular demolition (saving energy and resources) and it consumes the energy it produces thanks to the photovoltaic system.

At the end of its life it gives back the environment as it found it.

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Giardin Grande Car Park

Piazza Primo Maggio, Udine

Multi-Storey Car Park

Gesteco Prefabricated Division designs, produces and sells multi-storey car parks for shopping centres, universities, business centres and other structures that require ample space for cars.

In 2016 Gesteco made a significant contribute to the construction of the underground car park of Piazza Primo Maggio in Udine, which ranked first in the New parking spaces category during the EPA Aword 2017 (Europen Parking Award) held in Rotterdam.

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Overpass demolition, A4 Motorway

Gonars, Fauglis, UD


In the night between the 2nd and 3rd December 2017, during the construction of the third lane of the A4 motorway, the demolition of the Fauglis overpass took place, successfully completed in 160' as scheduled.

This demolition means commitment, coordination and collaboration, but above all sharing passion for safety work.

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