Activity - 16 August 2022

ARGESTECO: the Argentine company is the synthesis of local entrepreneurship and Italian know-how of Gesteco

The last trip of President Adriano Luci to Argentina, which took place at the end of July, marked an important turning point for the business growth of Gruppo Luci, which is aiming at the Latin American market where there is a growing focus on environment and sustainability, and where the contribution of already tested experiences, like ours, can be fundamental to promote virtuous behaviors towards the environment.

In an interview for the Argentine program focusing on industry and entrepreneurship titled "Tutti Noi", Adriano Luci discusses the reasons that led to the creation of Argesteco, whose name derives from the fusion of "Argentina" (the territory) and "Gesteco" (integrated environmental services).

Argesteco aims to represent the entire Italian and European experience of over 35 years of activity, made available in the Argentinian territory.

Argentina is a country highly appreciated by President Luci, not only from a cultural and entrepreneurial point of view, but also for the willingness for growth, continuous improvement, and attention to the environment and sustainability: companies, citizens, and government together to achieve shared goals within the Agenda 2030.

Currently, the activities of Argesteco mainly involve environmental consulting and specialized analysis services. The company initially aims to focus on adequate management of urban and industrial waste, a necessary challenge for companies and local governments as it entails a growth vision that takes into account not only economic development but also the surrounding environmental context.

In this way, after the experience in Shanghai, the Gruppo Luci enters the Latin American market, consolidating its internationalization, with significant turnover forecasts for the next five years.

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For more insights, watch the full interview with President Adriano Luci