Activity - 27 October 2023

Employees and collaborators of Gruppo Luci participate in the activities of Safety Week 2023

A series of events organized on the occasion of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work

From Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October, over 111 workers, including employees and collaborators of Gruppo Luci, gathered for a series of awareness and training events organized by Gesteco during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work. This year, the “Gruppo Luci Safety Week”, now at its fifth edition, was mainly focused on the prevention of heart diseases.

The European Week for Safety and Health at Work is an event organized by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work – EU-OSHA and takes place every year in October. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of active and participatory management of health and safety at work and to promote a culture of prevention.

Safety Week 2023: a week dedicated to the heart!

Every year in Europe over 400,000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest, and 1,000 people die every day due to this condition.

These are impressive figures that make sudden cardiac arrest one of the most important healthcare issues in Europe.

In Italy, the dimensions of the phenomenon are dramatic: every year in our country over 60,000 people are affected by cardiac arrest and only 10-15% are saved. There could be many more if those present at the onset of the event practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation before the ambulance arrived.

The desire of the companies in the Group was to raise awareness among employees about:

  • the relevance of sudden cardiac arrest;
  • the importance of prevention;
  • methodologies for properly alerting emergency services;
  • knowledge and execution of simple rescue maneuvers (these are maneuvers that any citizen is capable of performing and that can save the lives of those affected by cardiac arrest).

The events of Safety Week 2023

Project "At the heart of safety"

The employees and collaborators actively participated in two hours of training, with the intervention of a doctor, regarding the prevention and care of our heart. The first precautions to be taken in the event of a heart attack were highlighted, including practical exercises.

The course was replicated in different locations of the Group's companies involving over 111 people.

The participants appreciated the development of this path in which they had the opportunity to share their experiences and to resolve questions and doubts related to the topic discussed.

Safety & Sustainability Coffee

Even during coffee breaks, it is possible to raise awareness about safety, and more. Two experts in Safety and Sustainability, visited all the Group's locations and facilities and, during coffee breaks, took the opportunity to converse and reflect with the collaborators, informing colleagues about best practices to promote virtuous behaviors. In addition, they provided some updates on the progress of sustainability activities undertaken by the Group and particularly by Gesteco.

2nd Equipment Contest

In its 2023 edition, the Safety Office of Gesteco managed a small competition among colleagues qualified to use the equipment in the Group's locations and construction sites. The winners were chosen based on specific safety, speed, and knowledge criteria related to the equipment.

Safety Chestnut Festival

As every year, the Safety Week concluded with the safety chestnut festival, a space for sharing and fun among collaborators, employees, and business managers.

Gruppo Luci wants to actively promote a prevention culture regarding potential danger situations in the workplace and also in a family context, resulting in safer, happier, and more productive environments.