Events - 3 March 2023

Gesteco: electricity from renewable sources

Renewable energy, photovoltaic plants, and the possible impact of the current situation on our economy

Gesteco's headquarters and facilities are increasingly attentive to the environment and sustainability

Another step towards a green and sustainable future has been taken by Gesteco, with the decision to rely on an electricity supplier that will guarantee that it is 100% from certified renewable sources.

The next step, emphasized by Adriano Luci, President of the Luci Group, "is to make all our plants and our offices self-sufficient in terms of energy". It is a strongly desired choice to continue outlining an important path of the entire Luci Group towards environmental sustainability.

"We are working on the front of sustainability and circularity," - continues President Luci - "the goal is to build significant, true quality circularity, and allow us to accompany our customers in this process that is not easy, but is an evolution that we must undoubtedly implement." Also starting from the assumption that "raw materials are increasingly scarce and, above all, come from other countries, we must create the conditions that allow us to be autonomous in some aspects, and where we cannot, still not waste anything."

Renewable energy: where does it come from

It is important to understand the mechanism that makes the energy consumed "green energy". Basically, the energy used is always the same, but it must be certified by the supplier with the so-called "Guarantee of Origin"; this certification ensures that the same amount of energy consumed by Gesteco is produced from renewable sources in another area of the world. In this way, the level of carbon dioxide emissions is reduced globally and the indirect emissions of the company are significantly reduced.

Photovoltaics: a virtuous choice

"As a business owner - Luci argues - I would like to convey a message: instead of going to occupy virgin land, which potentially could be dedicated to agriculture, we should cover all factories with photovoltaic panels. I believe that in the coming years we could implement a national policy where, before occupying green space, we occupy the roofs of existing warehouses, and we could probably achieve good results."

The current situation and the potential impact on our economy

"The concern is high, the current situation is undermining the entire mechanism of company costs and it will not be easy to then reverse these on the market. - the President continues - The situation is particularly delicate, I believe that the impact of this war will be one that will weigh over time, and especially in terms of distrust, in psychological terms for people first and then in economic terms, because our region has important interests in the countries involved."

Concluding, "I believe that this is the opportunity, perhaps even the only one, to make it understood how important the European Community is, and therefore Europe, and if there really is a united and solid European Community".

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