Events - 2 August 2022

Gesteco present at Mittelfest Festival 2022 with the Kaffee Beeability

A meeting for reflection and sharing on the environment and our role in preserving it

Small actions have big effects, even on the environment and sustainability.

This was the main message of Kaffee Beeability, the event held during Mittelfest last Friday in Cividale.

The Beeability team, the sustainability incubator of Gesteco, wanted to involve everyone present, not just by sharing information, but with a new way of raising awareness that, through games and active participation, aimed to make us think about the impacts fueling the climate crisis that, day by day, will involve us more and more closely.

When we talk about climate crisis, we tend to think of distant deadlines that do not concern us, while instead the consequences of our impacts began to manifest already a few decades ago, up to today, and summer 2022 is giving us signs that we can no longer afford to ignore.

For example, did you know that on July 28th we used up all the natural resources meant to last until the end of 2022? From this moment, the date of the so-called overshoot day, we are in debt to the planet and, above all, we are depriving resources from our future generations.

Environmental sustainability: the challenge of our era

Environmental sustainability is the challenge of our time, and resource scarcity is forcing us to rethink our lifestyles. In fact, just as we are responsible for the water crisis or the rise in temperatures, at the same time it is our own actions that can help to stop or reverse this trend. As our Beeability specialists point out: “It is never too late to start adopting more virtuous behaviors. Today's choices are our future”.

Spaces like Kaffee Beeability are the right opportunity to gain awareness of actions and gestures that often escape us due to the frenzy of our days, but that can instead be the key to mitigating our impact on the environment.