Activity - 5 August 2022

Gruppo Luci arrives in Argentina with Argesteco

A new company has been founded. It will provide environmental consulting and analysis services.

Gruppo Luci lands in Argentina and expands its activities with the establishment of Argesteco S.A., a company specialized in environmental consulting and analysis services.

The new entry is based at the San Francisco Industrial Park, located in the same city and a reference point for industrial activities in the province of Cordoba.

Adriano Luci, president of Gruppo Luci, and Franco Corredig, technical director of Gesteco Spa, traveled to Argentina to formalize the foundation of the new company controlled by Gesteco Spa, the result of a partnership with entrepreneurs from the city of San Francisco. This new reality is the result of a study on the opportunities to replicate in Argentina a virtuous operating model in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

Know how made in Italy that expands beyond borders

Argesteco was born from the need to support Argentine companies in improving their production process from an environmental point of view, thanks to the support of Gruppo Luci, an Italian company with over 35 years of proven experience.

"We have based our experience on the work acquired in Europe with small and medium industrial enterprises, focusing on the comprehensive and proper waste management. Based on our experience, and observing the San Francisco Industrial Park, we have noted how it can be an ideal environment to achieve good objectives in this regard," reported Adriano Luci, interviewed by a local Argentine newspaper.

In fact, Argesteco will offer consulting and analysis services, support for administrative practices, and will set up a laboratory for environmental analysis. The activities will be initially directed towards the companies established in the San Francisco Industrial Park and, subsequently, towards the broader market in the Argentine territory.

An open dialogue with the public and private sector

Through Argesteco, we intend to establish a profitable relationship with the private sector but also to open a dialogue with the Argentine Public Administration. As Luci points out: "our goal is to build a constant dialogue with the public and private sectors to contribute to undertaking an environmentally inspired direction driven by the 2030 Agenda, which Argentina has also endorsed."

Environment and industry: problem or opportunity?

The visit to Argentina was the opportunity to share with entrepreneurs, local authorities, and the community of San Francisco, reflections and experiences on the reality of the industrial world and sustainability in Italy.

Adriano Luci, in a conference, invited reflection on sustainable activities in Argentina, with a look at the situation in Italy from the 70s until today, highlighting how the Italian industry continues to work for the construction of a virtuous model with innovative solutions for the environment and quality of life.

With this event, the birth of Argesteco S.A. was officially announced.

The meeting was presented by the Municipality of San Francisco and the San Francisco Industrial Park, and was attended by several local authorities and representatives of the business and finance world.

The director of the Industrial Park, Leonardo Beccaría, celebrated the establishment of Argesteco, considering it a good opportunity to provide environmental solutions, thanks to the experience of a leading Italian company in the sector. In this regard, Damián Bernarte, mayor of the city of San Francisco, believes that environmental policy is an important objective and emphasizes: "working on environmental issues related to citizens and industry is an essential path to define the commitments of the immediate future."

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