Activity - 29 January 2022

New Logistic platform at the former San Marco Imaging - Fiume Veneto

Gesteco's project involves the requalification of the entire area

The project

Gesteco will carry out remediation and demolition activities for the creation of a new logistics platform in Fiume Veneto. The company has invested over 10 million euros to acquire an area of 34,000 square meters where there is an old building that has been abandoned for years, the former headquarters of San Marco Imaging.

The project that Gesteco wants to complete involves the redevelopment of the area through remediation, the demolition of existing buildings, and the land recovery to create a 18,000 square meter platform suitable for the settlement of companies operating in the logistics sector and beyond. Everything will be completed by 2023.

The geographic potential

"The area is definitely of interest for companies operating in the field of  transportation, warehousing, and also for businesses with an industrial or artisanal vocation" - explains the President of Gruppo Luci, Adriano Luci. The area is indeed strategically located geographically, along the traffic line that will also benefit from the construction of the new Meduna bridge. Another opportunity is presented by the presence of the Pordenone Interport.

Characteristics and purposes

A sustainable approach

Technologies and materials are chosen with great attention to sustainability, thanks to the recovery of materials and the use of CAM concretes (minimum environmental credits). Furthermore, "the really important thing is that we will carry out remediation in a degraded area, which has always been a priority for Gesteco, which deals with the environment. Then - continues President Luci - there is the real estate aspect with the redevelopment of an abandoned area to which we will give dignity."

It's not secondary to intervene in abandoned places, and unfortunately there are many, assigning them a new mission, rather than occupying virgin land that could be reserved for other purposes, such as agriculture."

Finally, Luci concludes, "This is even more important if degraded areas can pose a danger as a source of environmental pollution."

Interview - Messaggero Veneto of 29/01/2022