Case studies - 15 March 2024

Structural design, supply, and installation of a prefabricated complex for Biofarma Group

The project in summary

We built the "Castelliere" industrial complex for Biofarma Group, with buildings in class A2-A4, on an operational area of 23,000 square meters

Mereto di Tomba (UD)

2018 - 2020

Biofarma Group

Gesteco Services Provided
Design, supply, and installation of prefabricated structures and construction works

Building volume
Approximately 240,000 cubic meters

Covered area
19,600 square meters

Design and site supervision
AK Engineering Srl

Project manager for Gesteco
Arch. Andrea Munini

Order information


Biofarma needed to expand its production and logistics facility. In the prefabricated system, it found the ideal solution to ensure certain timelines and sustainable costs.

Accomplished activities

Structural design, earth movement and site preparation, supply and installation of prefabricated structure, on-site construction work, waterproofing, carpentry and finishes.


The work was carried out respecting the expected timing and costs by the Client.

The numbers of this project

1,200 linear meters of pillars
1,800 linear meters of beams
4,500 square meters of panels
23,000 square meters of floor slabs
Buildings in class A2 - A4 KWh / year of productive energy

The customer

Biofarma Group, a global player in the Health&Beauty care sector, is a Friulian excellence and a leader in the production and packaging of medical devices, probiotic-based drugs, cosmetics, and dietary supplements on behalf of third parties.
With a turnover of 436 million euros and a workforce of over 1,500 employees, the company firmly positions itself at the top of the national and international industrial landscape.

The need

The client has expressed the need to expand their production and logistical facilities in order to promote organic growth.
The decision to adopt a prefabricated system was driven by the guarantee on construction times and costs.

Thanks to our extensive experience in designing and building prefabricated structures, we have thus overseen the entire project for the construction of the prefabricated structure of the Biofarma Industrial Castelliere complex.

The phases of realization

1. Structural Design

  • We carried out the analysis of the needs
  • Our technicians evaluated the conditions of use and studied the site
  • The sizing of prefabricated elements and foundations was performed

2. Earth Movement and Site Preparation

  • We removed the layer of topsoil which was stored on the site for subsequent reuse
  • We brought the entire lot to the design levels to then proceed with the excavations for the construction of the foundation plinths

3. Construction and installation of the prefabricated structure

  • We manufactured at the plant all the prefabricated elements necessary for the construction of the building bodies
  • The elements were organized according to the assembly schedule
  • We took care of the transportation in order to assemble the building on site continuously, efficiently and without interference with other work

4. Civil works on site

  • We have carried out all the foundations
  • We have been responsible for preparing the stairwells and elevators, the fences, the internal floorings and the loading docks

5. Utilities

  • We have built all sewer lines, both civil and industrial.
  • We have provided assistance to plant installers for excavations related to electrical lines, data lines, fire protection systems, and anything else necessary for the operation of the building.

6. Waterproofing

  • We have installed the roof coverings of the buildings.
  • We have carried out waterproofing of the earth-retaining walls.

7. Joinery

We have supplied and installed all the joinery for both the industrial and directional parts:

  • Vertical windows with sunshades.
  • Continuous facades.
  • Sectional doors and loading bays.
  • Automatic airlocks to protect production areas.

The collaboration with the design studio

The Castelliere Biofarma 2 project was carried out and managed by ak+, a territorial architecture firm specializing in the design and consulting for civilian and industrial structures. The synergy of skills between ak+ and Gesteco, as the construction company, has allowed to achieve a result that fully met the client's expectations, from the design phase to the implementation.

The video of the project

The industrial Castelliere Biofarma 2 stands out for the peculiarities of the adaptive structure and technological integration.
The technologically advanced plants of the complex are optimized according to Class A and powered by a 900 KW photovoltaic system, with a view to respecting sustainability.

The structure harmoniously blends into a wide expanding green area.

Some pictures of the construction site