Reclamation Works

Gesteco, thanks to the experience acquired, is a specialist in the design and implementation of remediation of polluted sites, reclamation of large areas and asbestos remediation.


These are complicated and long-lasting solutions that reflect the Group's entrepreneurial spirit, which can be summed up essentially in three values:

  • compliance with regulations
  • people safety
  • environmental protection.

In the field of contaminated sites reclamation works, Gesteco is in a position to follow up the complete procedure subject to numerous norms enforced in this regard:

  • programs of areas environmental characterization through direct chemical, physical and geological investigations (laboratory and on site analyses, use of the best available technologies, eco-toxicological characterization and bio-monitoring);
  • Planning of actions having as a purpose to reclaim a site and have it comply with safety regulations, also through the application of Risk Analysis Procedures and Environmental Models, as well as through simulations in laboratory and tests carried out on site.

Gesteco realizes what was defined in the project planning phase using technologically advanced equipment and plants.


Environmental preliminary investigation

Gesteco supplies environmental preliminary investigations in order to check on the possible presence of polluting substances, and their concentration, in environmental matrixes of contaminated sites.

Gesteco holds the SOA qualification certificate for performing public works category OG 12 "reclamation and environmental protection works" and is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers for cat. 9 "site reclamation" and cat. 10 "reclamation of asbestos-containing assets".