Gesteco Spa, as a company of Gruppo Luci, is now in a significant position as regards researchand practical actions in the field of environment, due to more than 30 years of activities. The company consists of three departments: Environment, Aggregates and Preconditioned prefabricated elements. They share common design principles and methodologies, as well as Gruppo Luci basic values, i.e. seriousness, competence, reliability and interest for innovation as far as techniques and materials are concerned.


Through the Division dealing with Environment ,Gesteco builds and manages plants for the treatment and disposal of dangerous and non-dangerous waste. Furthermore, it has specialized in reclamation techniques for large polluted areas, using avant-gardetools and equipment. Throughout the years, the strong point of the Group has become innovation and research. For this reason, the company is very proud of its department consisting of analysis and research laboratories acknowledged by the Ministry of Universities, Scientific and Technological Research.

The Division handling aggregates and pre-conditioned elements is involved in extraction activities, aggregates production, earth moving and demolition works.

Thanks to the Division manufacturing prefabricated elements, Gesteco is also specialized in industrialpre-fabrication activities.