Laboratory news: new instrumentation and new accreditations


Laboratory news: new instrumentation and new accreditations: 

New instrumentation and new accreditations

In order to significantly improve productivity and analytical processes, our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments in line with expected standards, including:

  • Clarus 590 GC gas chromatograph with Clarus SQ 8 S (GC-MS) mass detector combined with the Purge & Trap Atomx xyz extractor, a system that combines different instruments in order to separate and analyze volatile compounds. The Purge & Trap concentrator, connected to the autosampler, extracts the volatile organic compounds from the matrix and concentrates them in an absorbent trap. The volatile compounds injected and separated inside the gas chromatograph, reach a mass spectrometer, where they are fragmented through electronic ionization. The generated ion fragments provide a signal for each specific ion detected.The spectrum is compared within the data management system with a library' spectra. This process allows components to be identified and quantified
  • Ion chromatograph 930 (Metrohm), instrument which, by means of chemical suppression, is used for the determination of anions. Through this system, in fact, the following compounds are analyzed: fluorides, chlorides, sulphates, nitrites, nitrates, bromides and phosphates, on aqueous matrices, emission bubbles and waste eluate. It is also equipped with an autosampler that allows automation.

Moreover, on 21/06/2019 the laboratory has obtained the accreditation of further tests in the matrix Gaseous emissions channelled. In particular:

  • sampling of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) according to ISO 11338-1:2003 Method B; 
  • the sampling of Mercury UNI EN 13211:2003 (except par. 7.8 and 7.9) and the additional metals Selenium, Tin, Zinc according to UNI EN 14385:2004.    
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