Activity - 19 February 2022

Requalification of the Valentinis Channel in Monfalcone (GO) - TGR FVG

The phase of inserting the support poles for the new docks has just been completed and by next week, the dredging of the seabed will also be completed thanks to the action of Gesteco Spa

The ultimate goal

Fabrizio Renato Russo, member of the Consortium for the Economic Development of FVG, explains the purpose of the work: the creation of a service building also used as a landing point for the motorboats shuttling between Grado and Trieste. "Thanks to this new layout of the canal, the center of Monfalcone will be able to fully embrace its relationship with the sea" - Russo concludes.

Dredged sludge treatment at the Gesteco plant

"The dredging sludges are always chemically analyzed. In the presence of pollutants, the treatment is applied to allow the separation of the various parts: screened, sand, and silt. The aqueous part, instead, undergoes a purification process, namely a chemical-physical and biological treatment, which allows the reduction of pollutants and therefore total safety."

This is how Emanuela Luzi, coordinator of the work at the Non-Hazardous Waste Recovery and Treatment Plant of Gesteco, explains.

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TGR FVG - 19/02/2022