Events - 27 March 2024

The Beeability team from Gesteco at Waste Management Europe 2024

We will bring our proposal on the environment and sustainability to the fair
From 9th to 11th April 2024 at the Bergamo Fair, stand 724

We will be present in April at the Waste Management Europe - WME in Bergamo, an international event dedicated to waste management, circular economy, waste-to-energy, and sustainability.

WME: space for technical dialogue, also on sustainability

The WME offers a high-level comparison platform, bringing together experts in the environmental sector and sustainability. It will be a valuable opportunity for our team to share our solutions dedicated to the industrial sector.

We will be present at booth 724, and not only that: two of our specialists, Dr. Chiara Pontoni, Sustainability Manager, and Marianna Blasutig, Sustainability Analyst at Gesteco, will explore the crucial role of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an analysis methodology to assess the environmental impact of a product, process, or service throughout its entire life cycle. Their participation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 at 14:00, at the WME Theatre Space.

Together with the Gesteco team, the LOD specialists, Dynamic Olfactometry Laboratory, will also be present at the stand, delving into the importance of verifying the odors of biomethane before its introduction into the network. Their presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 at 14:30.

Our presence at this trade show represents an opportunity to showcase to companies and institutions our constant commitment to innovation and the offering of solutions that ensure efficiency and regulatory compliance in processes and systems, with a keen eye on quality, health and safety, environmental management, and corporate social responsibility.

To participate for free as a visitor, we invite you to register at the following link: WME TICKETS.

We look forward to seeing you there!