Activity - 3 April 2024

The new Gesteco website is online

Rich in new content and easy to navigate, to share our values and the entire integrated proposal in environmental matters.

A turning point in corporate communication. This is what the relaunch of Gesteco's website represents for us, the result of an internal dialogue and a deep listening to the needs of our interlocutors, a 360-degree revision to offer an even more rewarding and informative online experience.

The complete restyling of the website was conceived with a central objective: to make our site more accessible and intuitive for all users. Now it's easier to navigate through the various services and content we offer. We want every visitor to feel comfortable navigating and easily find what they need.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

We have dedicated a specific section to sustainability, a fundamental value for Gesteco, where we share our commitment to more responsible business practices. Furthermore, many pages of our services focus on specific sustainability commitments in the relevant sector.

Professional, consistent, and responsive design

In accordance with Gesteco's corporate principles and values, the site maintains design codes that reflect the corporate image and a professional appearance that makes it a recognizable and pleasant tool. In addition, we have ensured that the site is highly responsive, adapting perfectly to different devices and screen sizes.

Simple and intuitive navigation for an optimal user experience

We have structured the Gesteco website with a clear and intuitive navigation, making it easier to find crucial information such as company details, services, and contacts. This is particularly relevant in the B2B context, where decisions can be complex and influenced by many factors.

Richness of content and continuous updates

We enhance the quality and updating of the contents on our website to understand our values and how they intersect with our daily activities.

Insights and institutional and technical information are disseminated through our News section, where case studies stand out: the most effective way to tell how we work and to clearly show the results achieved, also thanks to the use of images and videos.

Access to other digital information resources

Inside our website, it is possible to subscribe, through the appropriate form, to our specialized newsletters:

Sustainably in..., the newsletter created by Beeability, the team of specialists of Gesteco on the environment and sustainability.

Certainly in..., the most relevant news in the regulatory, prevention, and dissemination field regarding health and safety in the workplace.

In a digital context, bringing users closer to our social channels is essential to know our institutional activities, creating a space of "virtual listening" within an interactive community. Visitors will be able to access directly our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, as well as our company channel on YouTube, directly from the homepage of the site.

Safe browsing

The security of your data is of primary importance to us. Therefore, we adopt rigorous security protocols to ensure peace of mind during browsing.

Our goal is to provide a valuable tool for our customers, potential customers, and partners. We enthusiastically welcome all suggestions and advice as they will help us improve and ensure that our site is always up to date and serving your needs. 

We invite you to visit our new site and explore all its new features.