Events - 16 September 2021

UEB Gesteco Cividale visiting the new headquarters of Gesteco, Beeability

Discovering sustainability

Beeability welcomes the boys and the technical staff of UEB Gesteco Cividale

"The safeguarding of the environment should be a central theme for every citizen, and today we want to start with our players." - the words of President Adriano Luci.

The Luci Group has always dealt with environmental issues, in the past it was defined with the terms attention or concern for the environment, today it is called sustainability. And it is in this new headquarters, recently built in Remanzacco (UD), that the conditions have been created for the birth of an incubator of ideas and projects to accompany first and foremost its own companies towards a sustainable path and then to sensitize its clients on an increasingly recurring topic. Companies cannot be involved only through slogans, but through concrete behaviors.

"I believe that any citizen can contribute to an intelligent, logical, and above all possible sustainability. All the conditions are there to do so, perhaps we are a bit late but we can speed up the processes thanks to new resources, young graduates, and new technologies, essential to shorten distances and make everything more efficient and faster" - concludes President Luci.

Today the boys of UEB Gesteco Cividale together with their technical staff have received this sort of training and sensitization towards the aforementioned issues. They too must be part of this process and sustainability project.

You improve in the gym, but above all outside the sports hall

Davide Micalich's intervention - President of UEB Gesteco Cividale

One of the characteristics that cannot be missing in a sportsman is the desire to learn, to improve, and to learn. You improve in the gym, but above all, you improve outside the arena.

"I want to thank Adriano and the Gruppo Luci for this opportunity, it has allowed us to understand what is happening in the world right now, what are the risks, the dangers, but also the opportunities that we can seize to improve. Secondly, it has made all our guys aware of the Group to which we are affiliated, and which represents us. The UEB is a large family with many supporters and sponsors, but Gesteco is our main sponsor, the one that gives the team its name, it is the name that we proudly wear on our chest." 

Today the boys, accompanied by their staff, had the opportunity to get to know a good part of Gesteco's activities. "This allows the players to realize that behind their sporting performances there is a very important social and entrepreneurial communication project of which they are absolutely, proudly, the standard-bearers," concludes Davide Micalich, President of UEB Gesteco Cividale.

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