Activity - 4 September 2023

We welcomed young talents from the province of Udine to talk about sustainability

The initiative is part of the RYLA Seminar organized by the Rotary Club Udine

Our headquarters in Remanzacco was the setting for a meeting between a large group of students, between 17 and 18 years old, from different high schools in the province of Udine, known for their high performance, and sustainability specialists from Gesteco, the Beeability team. Together, they explored sustainability in its three dimensions (environmental, economic, and social) and analyzed its application in an industrial context, promoting active participation of young people.

The meeting was part of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Seminar, organized by the Rotary Club of Udine, district 2060, with the theme: "Ethics and responsibility for a sustainable future." RYLA aims to develop leadership qualities, a sense of civic responsibility, and personal growth in young people.

Through RYLA seminars, Rotary clubs in the province demonstrate a deep interest in the growth of the new generations, providing tools and knowledge to young people with leadership predisposition to be spokespersons and guides among their peers regarding civic responsibility and support for their community.

The event began with institutional greetings from the administrator and COO of Gesteco, Alexandro Luci, who shared with the participants the common values of all the companies that are part of the Gruppo Luci and illustrated how sustainability is one of the cornerstones guiding all activities.

An event for reflection and sharing ideas on sustainability

The meeting took place in a context of reflections on the environment and the role of each individual in preserving it. The Beeability team applied its methodology "One day or day one? The choice is yours!", recently awarded by Aifos, to encourage active participation and awareness regarding actions and gestures that decisively contribute to mitigating the impact on the environment.

The young people used this interactive methodology, based on questions and answers about their behaviors and lifestyles, to collaboratively create their "identity card". This tool was used to jointly define their profile, structured according to lifestyles and environmental impact.

We wish to express our sincere thanks, first and foremost, to the young participants. Thanks to their questions and concerns about sustainability, they enriched the meeting with new perspectives for reflection. A heartfelt thanks also goes to Alessandro Rizza and to the Rotary International - District 2060 representatives for their constant commitment to promoting opportunities to connect young people with entrepreneurial realities in their territory.

Finally, our profound appreciation to the Beeability team, led by the team leader, engineer Chiara Pontoni, and sustainability specialist, engineer Marianna Blasutig.