Sustainably in - 4 September 2023

A summer of sustainable events

How to combine fun and ecology, leaving a less harmful footprint on the environment

While The Kolors with Italodisco (12.6%) are still playing on the radio, there's already the feeling of a new song approaching, and do you know which one? Exactly L'estate sta finendo (11.9%) by Righeira from the distant 1985.

However, it is this very song that makes you want to hold on even tighter to the memories of the departing summer. It's as if the rhythm takes you on a nostalgic journey through all those days of sun, sea, and laughter.

Summer has always been the best time for outdoor events that attract crowds of people eager to have fun and enjoy the good weather. In recent years, there has been an undeniable increasing awareness of the environmental impact of such events, prompting organizers to seek more sustainable ways to celebrate.

Culinary festivals have started valuing local and seasonal ingredients, reducing the reliance on products transported over long distances.

Concerts have adopted practices such as waste recycling and the use of renewable energy to power the facilities: one above all? The Coldplay's tour (13.1%). 

And let's not forget about the parties embracing eco-friendly decorations and biodegradable tableware. What do you think about Ecofestivals (13.7%)? Yes, there are contributions specifically to organize them!

These efforts show that it is possible to combine fun and ecology, leaving a less harmful impact on the environment.

When considering the number of people involved, both as organizers and participants, it is clear that an event can have a significant impact on various aspects of sustainability. This is why there is increasing interest in ISO 20121 (have you seen, for example, the Festival dell’Economia di Trento (13.1%)?). Beeability itself, in fact, helps organizations that want to take this path aimed at designing, planning, and carrying out events that minimize the impact on the environment, the community in which the event takes place, and the people.

Yes, summer is slipping away, but coincidentally, September has always been the perfect month to start something new. So, what are you waiting for? Organize your next event, a sustainable event!

This article has been elaborated for Beeability, the team of environmental and sustainability specialists of Gesteco offering companies a range of environmental services, with particular attention to circularity.

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