Activity - 20 May 2024

Gesteco at the Malignani Institute to talk about sustainability with the first classes

The activity is part of the Greening Education project signed between the institute and the Luci Group

Gesteco's sustainability team, "Beeability", conducted the first module on sustainability which is part of the "Greening Education" initiative, a training course aimed at increasing the transversal skills of the students of the Malignani Institute, from the first to the fifth year .

During this session, "One Day or Day One" was presented to first year students, the first training meeting to promote awareness of their actions and gestures that can help reduce the impact on the environment.

One Day or Day One: a methodology for reflecting on environmental impacts

Dr. Chiara Pontoni, Sustainability Manager of Gesteco, together with the Beeability team, presented this first module, using the methodology called One Day or Day One, already awarded by AiFOS (Italian Association of Workplace Safety Trainers and Operators) in 2023 for the awareness-raising activity aimed at achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Using stimulating multimedia material, technologies and physical materials to encourage active participation, students were involved in a discussion on the environmental impacts resulting from everyday behaviors.

The Beeability team calculated the group's ecological footprint through responses provided by students to specific questions about their daily practices and behaviors that may impact the environment.

With this information, the overshoot day was calculated, the day from which the group involved will be in debt to the planet, also taking away resources from future generations. In the case of the participating students, the overshoot day was March 15th. In particular, the classes were surprised by how the use of devices, social media and the Internet can significantly advance this deadline.

Finally, "pills" of more sustainable behaviors and approaches that can help limit impacts were presented. This is the first of a series of modules that will also be offered next year.

In addition to sustainability, Greening Education addresses other topics related to the environment and safety in the workplace.

Press review

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