Activity - 21 February 2024

Sustainability as a strategic business choice

Interviews with Adriano Luci and Chiara Pontoni

The sustainability is an intrinsic concept for Gesteco, a principle that has guided the management of the entire waste supply chain from the early stages of the company's activity.

Gesteco has always been committed to applying sustainability principles to reduce environmental impacts.

With almost 40 years of activity and a constant commitment to growth based on circularity, we have acquired the awareness that sustainability is an integral part of our DNA. A clear example of this evolution is represented by our core business, which approaches the principles of circular economy and focuses on services in the environmental, construction, and sustainability sectors. This result comes from a continuous re-evaluation of our activities and the responsibility towards our stakeholders and the community.

A natural step in this development process has been to make our operations transparent through reporting. As a result of thorough reflection and synergistic and systematic collaboration throughout the company structure, we have decided to present our first sustainability report. This document is based on the fundamental principle that starting from concrete data represents an essential starting point to establish quantifiable and improvable objectives over time.

Here are some of our results:*

  • Adoption of 100% renewable energy.
  • Installation of photovoltaic systems.
  • Reduction of 391 tons of equivalent carbon dioxide.
  • Use of 74% recycled plastic in the packaging of aggregates.
  • Commitment to training and raising awareness regarding health, safety, and sustainability, with significant recognition.

*Sustainability Report 2022

These data and reflections were thoroughly presented during the interviews conducted by LifeGate, a leading company in sustainability consulting and communication services that supported us in drafting the sustainability report.

The interviews involved Adriano Luci, President of the Luci Group and Vice President of Gesteco, and Chiara Pontoni, Technical Sustainability Manager at Gesteco, within the context of Ecomondo, one of the main European trade fairs for the environment and ecological transition.

Watch the full interviews:

LifeGate, in addition, has dedicated an article to us published on its news portal, which you can find here.